Matthew Ellis


Tillamook, Oregon

Matthew Ellis is a highly accomplished and dedicated educational leader, currently serving as the Superintendent of the Tillamook School District. With a strong academic background and extensive experience in various administrative roles, Ellis has made significant contributions to the field of education throughout his career.

Matthew Ellis profile

Matt Ellis began his academic journey by earning a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies from Oregon State University. During his time at the university, he excelled academically and athletically, competing on the wrestling team and achieving remarkable success. On three occasions, he represented his university at the National Collegiate Athletic Association National Championships, showcasing his discipline, determination, and commitment to excellence.

After his undergraduate studies, Ellis explored his passion for teaching and coaching by joining Stanford University as a wrestling coach. Seeking to broaden his knowledge and skills in education, he pursued a Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of the Cumberlands, further enhancing his understanding of effective pedagogy and instructional practices.

In 2008, Ellis’s journey in education began as a teacher in the Grandview School District in Washington. Recognized for his exceptional abilities and leadership potential, he transitioned to an administrative role in 2012, assuming the position of Assistant Principal at Royal High School in Royal City, Washington. During his tenure, he exhibited outstanding leadership qualities, fostering a positive and supportive learning environment for students and staff. Following this, he served as the Principal of Royal High School for three years, where he implemented innovative programs, promoted academic excellence, and cultivated a strong sense of community within the school.

Building on his successes, Ellis then took on the role of Superintendent for the Lind-Ritzville Cooperative Schools from 2016 to 2018. As Superintendent, he demonstrated visionary leadership, spearheading initiatives to enhance student achievement, strengthening partnerships with families and community members, and optimizing the district’s resources. Ellis’s transformative leadership and dedication to educational excellence earned him widespread recognition and appreciation within the Lind-Ritzville community.

In his ongoing pursuit of educational advancement, Ellis assumed the position of Superintendent in the Prosser School District. During his tenure, he leveraged his expertise in strategic planning, curriculum development, and staff empowerment to enhance student outcomes and promote a culture of continuous improvement throughout the district.

Currently, as the Superintendent of the Tillamook School District, Ellis continues to inspire and lead with unwavering dedication. By implementing data-driven decision-making processes, fostering collaborative relationships with stakeholders, and prioritizing all students’ well-being and academic success, he strives to create a thriving educational environment. Ellis remains committed to equipping students with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary for success in an ever-evolving world.

Throughout his esteemed career in education, Matthew Ellis has cultivated a reputation as a transformative leader, propelled by an unwavering commitment to student achievement, instructional excellence, and community engagement. His passionate and innovative approach has demonstrably elevated the Tillamook School District, fostering a culture of academic rigor and empowering students to realize their full potential.